We love building useful tools that simplify how people get things done. We’re small on purpose. Our engagements are structured to be embedded within the clients we serve, using the most experienced professionals with dialed in skills to help organizations work smarter.

Product Strategy

It’s fun to see how certain products interrelate and how they tie back to business goals. We believe you can’t have a product strategy without a business strategy. Sometimes simplifying the complex is the key to a successful strategic initiative.

Software Design

Orchestrating design methodologies within a project can derail even the most bulletproof project plans. We focus on designing software with development, project, and design teams aligned by using an iterative and adaptive planning process.

Organizational Design

For a company to provide a consistent experience for their audiences it starts within the organization itself. Understanding the connections that exist or do not exist and how they impact the entire business are critical to seeing your business succeed.

About Us
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Doug Henderson

Doug’s not happy unless he’s got his hands firmly entrenched in the problem. With a degree in engineering and an MBA for good measure, Doug has been improving software design and carrying out actionable strategies for over 25 years.

Eric Wyman

Whether actively facilitating a group workshop or orchestrating an improved roadmap for a product or software initiative, Eric has an innate ability to combine design aesthetic with the harsh realities of business and operational goals.


Lean Startup Challenge Finalists
We felt so passionately about our process and strategies that we built our own product that facilitates team collaboration and tracks project accountability.
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